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    Why let weeds ruin your view?

    Cell & Communications Towers

    5 Star Plus provides additional services to the cell tower industry. Besides providing quality weed control programs to maintain tower facilities, 5 Star Plus can do the following:

    • Photographic documentation of pad site condition (ex… grounds, fence lines, equipment, cables, etc...)
    • Photographic documentation of tower condition ex… nearby tree lines, graphiti, general view
    • Guaranteed Non-Selective weed control programs
    • One Shot Non-Selective weed control programs
    • Exterior pad site insect control
    • Ornamental pad site insect control
    • Photographic security documentation of facility – take picture of locked gate, buildings, etc…
    • Photographic site survey of road ways and general grounds/li>
    • Site survey to ensure/report that required lighting is present and operating
    • Replace missing gate chain or combination lock
    • Cut and remove light brush and weeds

    Overgrown Cell Sites

    Post Application Results